Being a Finance Analyst at Deliveree involved a wide range of financial and non-financial roles including project management, budgeting, reporting and administration, book and record keeping, reconciliations and audits, coordinating initiatives and tasks with many other departments inside the company, and speaking to clients and vendors regularly regarding invoicing and payments. It's a dynamic, busy, and fun job that allows you to develop a combination of your analytical, communication, and people skills. A finance or accounting degree is required for this role.

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Tanggung Jawab

A Financial Analyst's primary role is to analyze the past and present financial data of the organization and estimate future revenues and expenditures.



Fresh Graduate - 1 Year

  • 0-3 years experience
  • Fresh graduates welcome to apply
  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher from a finance or accounting major
  • Fluent English skills
  • Excellent analytical skills


  • finance
  • financial analysis
  • financial reports


  • Competitive monthly salary, 13th month bonus, Pay raises
  • Full private healthcare, Full annual paid leave


  • Competitive monthly salary
  • Merit-based pay raises and promotions
  • Full private healthcare coverage
  • Annual paid leave
  • 13th-month bonus

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