• Competitive Salary. We believe that salary is one of the main factors that keep the employee in the company, therefore we can guarantee a competitive salary for our Staff.
  • Freedom to choose working arrangements. Our staff are spread throughout Indonesia. We really understand if there are staff who can't leave their families. So you can choose to work from the office, from home, or flexible home-office.
  • Career Development & Training. We have a wonderful onboarding process where we help a new team member to get familiar with the way we work. 
  • Reasonable & Flexible Schedules. We are encouraging a culture where people can have a good work-life balance. Our schedules are pretty flexible. Need to run an errand in the middle of the day? Totally cool. 
  • English Class. Working in SoftwareSeni means that you would get massive improvement on your English, both spoken and written guarantee!
  • Annual Leave entitlement. 12 working days which can be taken after 3 months of joining.
  • Relocation Allowance. We provide a relocation allowance if you do not live in Yogyakarta. The allowance will cover moving costs for you and your family.
  • Salary Review Twice a year. We will review your salary twice annually in December and June. So, you can focus on work and improve your performance every day.
  • Furniture Allowance. A program from SoftwareSeni while working from home due to Covid pandemic. We don't want our staff having back pain!
  • WFH Activities. We provide fun icebreaker activities in the middle of our working hours to chill and build relationships with all of the staff. Sounds fun, right?
  • Birthday Leave. We also want to celebrate our staff happiest day by giving them half-day leave on their birthday

Tanggung Jawab

  1. Have strong knowledge of the Python programming language. Knowledge of the Python frameworks like Flask/Django is a plus.
  2. Knowledge of the Pandas library is a plus. 
  3. Familiar with different database engines
  4. Strong knowledge of SQL query
  5. Experience combining data from various data sources (Database, File, API) and data formats (SQL, Excel, CSV, JSON, etc.)
  6. Have strong analytical skills and problem-solving aptitude.
  7. Attention to details.
  8. Good English (written and spoken) and is a good communicator.



20 tahun

Usia maksimal 22 thaun


  • software development
  • Python
  • software engineering
  • computer applications
  • computer software


Kami sedang mencari Designer for Creative Content yang siap menjadi bagian dari kami untuk melukis sejarah baik di segi perkembangan perusahaan, untuk industri kreatif, dan mendunianya kuliner tradisional Indonesia.



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