​​​PT BGP Indonesia currently looking for Senior Processing/Senior Reservoir Engineer/Senior Reservoir Characterization Geophysicist


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Using advanced numerical simulation techniques to forecast oil and gas production from both new and existing hydrocarbon fields
Collaborating with other technical professionals in devising economically viable development plans for oil and gas accumulations
Optimising recovery plans, including new well locations or projects involving enhanced recovery methods
Managing the day-to-day operation of oil and gas fields
Developing and executing data-gathering plans and using the results to develop projects to increase recovery efficiency



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  1. Educational background: major in geology or geophysics,
  2. Work experience: 10 years and above for undergraduate, 8 years and above for master’s degree, 6 years and above for doctor’s degree, with traceable records.
  3. Language skill (Fluency in English is mandatory for good communication and writing)
  4. Inform the attendance of Training experiences including geoscience knowledge, petroleum software operation, HSE, etc.
  5. Created any Publishes or conference papers    
  6. Work experiences, only for Seismic data processing, PSTM /PSDM, Onshore /Offshore, petrophysics study, seismic interpretation & reservoir characterization, geology modeling and simulation, and reserves/resources calculation, reservoir engineering, as well as POD/FDP related job experiences. 
  7. Projects experience (briefly information),  please inform the Year,     Project name, main scope of work,           Type of project (Processing/ interpretation/ onshore/ offshore..), Main challenging,             Key Technique, position in the project, client,    witness
  8. Experience in this  Software skill Processing (Time), Processing (Depth), Petrophysics, Seismic interpretation, Rock physics modeling and AVO attributes, Pre-stack inversion, Geostatistics/stochastics inversion, 1D&3D Geomechanics, Geology/ reservoir static modeling, Reservoir simulation/dynamic modeling, Well drilling design, Others of petroleum industry, (what you can use and have experience at previous projects, and how long you used)
  9. Have Other certifications showing abilities of petroleum industry
  10. Skills and knowledge:
  1. Fluency in English is mandatory
  2. Proficient in Seismic data processing, PSTM /PSDM, Onshore /Offshore, Skilled use of industry mainstream software, or
  3. Petrophysics study, skilled use mainstream logging processing and interpretation software, or
  4. Seismic interpretation & reservoir characterization, skilled use mainstream inversion software, or
  5. Geology modeling and simulation, and reserves/resources calculation, reservoir engineering, as well as POD/FDP related, skilled use static modeling and dynamic simulation software.
  1. Professional Qualifications and Certifications: Diploma and other certificates, need translate in to English.
  2. Communication and Teamwork: good communication skills and teamwork.
  3. Problem Solving: Explain that the candidate needs to possess problem solving, innovation and adaptability.
  4. Team leadership: the ability to lead a team and motivate employees is emphasized.
  5. Professional quality: Emphasis on professional ethics, self-management and goal orientation.
  6. Adaptability: Emphasizes the ability to adapt to changing work environments and demands.
  7. Send your latest CV with salary expectation to

    [email protected] and [email protected]

    Subject : Position_Salary Expectations



    Trinity Tower - Jakarta


  • technical
  • engineering


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