Supervisory Responsibilities: Oversees Accounting operations, which include financial accounting, accounts payable, and payroll. Recruits and hires Accounting staff and conducts performance evaluations. Implements training for new hires and identifies training opportunities for current staff.

Tanggung Jawab

  • Review the daily expense reimbursement documents, daily audit and inspection of all financial accounting documents. and submit them to the financial manager.
  • Review theattendance and accounting of the monthly salary table.
  • Review andinspection of daily promotional activity sheets, account processing ofpromotional expenses and delinquent accounts, and evaluation and analysis ofactivities.
  • Instruct taxaccountants to file online tax returns and purchase invoices.



3 Years

  • Follow up and checkthe supplier cost table of the settlement accountant before the 3rd of thebeginning of the month, be responsible for the supplier cost accounting, carryforward the income cost including the supplier's monthly sales income, rentdeduction point check, account processing, and guide the transaction accountingaccording to the supply Merchants list accounts payable transactions one byone, and follow up with accountants to check payables to ensure accuratetransactions.
  • On the day of theend of the month, arrange the inventory and the processing of the follow-upinventory report in a timely manner.
  • At the end of themonth, instruct the accountant to carry out the on-site inventory of cash, bankdeposits, commercial cards, electricity bills, receipts and invoices and theimplementation of the inventory list in a timely manner.
  •  Checking accountsat all levels before closing accounts at the end of the month,
  • Complete othertasks assigned by the leader
  • Can monitoring team staff(more than 10 persons) to acchieve team task or company business goals
  • Willing to work in Pluit Area,willing to challenge yourself, willing to achieve higher level.


  • operations
  • accounting
  • account management
  • supervising
  • supervisory experience





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